Kardashian Jenner Round-Up: A (Reality) Star Is Born

The Week Belonged To Kris Jenner

December 6, 2018 2:29pm

The rest of the fam may have made headlines this week (as always), but none of them compared to Kris Jenner‘s major turn in the spotlight. To put it simply: it was a banner week for the momager. Not only was she the breakout star in the most popular music video of the year, but she also stole the show at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. So, let’s take a look at what Kris, and, ok, the other KarJenners, got up to this week.

Kris Pulls A Mrs. George (Part 1)

Kendall Jenner may have taken to the runway during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but it was Kris who became the star of the event. While Kendall went to strut her stuff, Kris cheered on her daughter in the best way possible. As the Victoria’s Secret Twitter account captured, the momager couldn’t help but film her daughter’s turn on the catwalk and even tried to wave at her when she walked by. Kris is seriously turning into a copy of Mrs. George from Mean Girls and I don’t hate it.

Cheating Rumor Dramz

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There’s always some drama in KarJenner world, isn’t there? This week’s drama involved Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and some *fake* cheating rumors. A photo recently surfaced that appeared to show Travis getting close to a girl who wasn’t Kylie. However, it was later confirmed to be completely faked, per Cosmopolitan. Obviously, that’s messed up. As Kylie herself commented on her Instagram Story, it may have been some “social experiment,” but these are real people here.  It’s simply in poor taste to do something like that.

Kim Kardashian decided to jump in on the drama, too. She took to Twitter to say her piece on the matter and called the hoax “disgusting.” She’s definitely not wrong there.

Saint & Reign’s B-Day Bash

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Once again, the next generation of Kardashian kids had a birthday bash that everyone else could only dream about. Kim‘s son, Saint West, and Kourtney Kardashian‘s son, Reign Disick, had a joint birthday party recently that blows all other parties out of the water. The youngsters had a Tarzan-themed party complete with a house decked out as a jungle. Honestly, can the Kardashians plan my next b-day party? Thanks in advance!

Khloe Goes Platinum

Khloe Kardashian changed up her look in a major way this week. Khloe traded in her normal blonde waves for a new, bright shade, as she’s chronicled on social media. As you can see in the photo above, Khloe went the platinum route for her tresses, courtesy of Maisha Oliver and Tracey Cunningham. Koko looks fabulous here, you guys. Platinum just may be her color.

Thank U, Next, B*tch

If you’re one of the five people in the world who hasn’t seen Ariana Grande‘s “Thank U, Next” music video, you’ve seriously missed out on a masterpiece. Not only was it fun to see Ariana recreate scenes from all of your favorite movies, but Kris also made a surprise appearance in the video. And it was the most perfect casting decision ever. Ariana dressed up as Regina George to perform in the “Jingle Bell Rock” scene from Mean Girls. Naturally, there needed to be someone portraying Mrs. George and who better than momager extraordinaire, Kris. Seriously, name anyone else who would have been better suited for this role. You can’t.

There’s no question that this was the most iconic thing to come out of the KarJenner camp this week. After all, you haven’t lived until you see Kris, dressed in Mrs. George’s famous pink jumpsuit, saying “Thank u, next, b*tch.” You just haven’t.

What did you think about Kris’ starring role in “Thank U, Next?” Tell us your thoughts on the moment in the comments below!

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