Kardashian Jenner Round-Up: The Family Got Political In A Major Way

The Kardashians Had A Very Busy Week

March 26, 2018 11:45am

This week in all of the Kardashian / Jenner news you need to know, there were some classic updates from the family. There were selfies, pregnancy updates, and, of course, this week’s particular Kardashian-laced controversy. Aside from all of the more typical news we’ve come to love and expect from the famous family, they also supported a political cause this weekend in a major way. Check out everything you may have missed from the Kardashian / Jenners in the past week.


More Classic Kylie Selfies Featuring Stormi

Last week the internet was buzzing over Kim Kardashian‘s photos featuring her little mini-me, Chicago West. This week, the cutest Kardashian/Jenner photoset of the week goes to Kylie Jenner and her adorable daughter, Stormi Webster. On March 23rd, the lip kit mogul posted a series of photos of herself with her child, in what was the first selfie pics with the two. As everyone knows, Kylie is basically the queen of selfies (alongside sis Kim, of course). So, it was so fun to see her get in on the selfie fun with Stormi.

Kylie‘s fans obviously loved the sweet images. One comment on the post read “Stunning pic of mother n daughter” and another read “so cute omg.’ It’s safe to say that people are loving this adorable Kylie and Stormi update!



Some Pregnancy Updates From Khloé

Khloé Kardashian gave her fans a couple of updates that all related back to her pregnancy. Over the past week, Khloé was on a mission to fulfill one of her pregnancy cravings for Popeyes. The whole thing was kinda funny. On March 21st, she tweeted out that she was craving some Popeyes but that she wasn’ sure if she did. She added that the struggle was real when it came to her pregnancy cravings. A day later, she tweeted the above, that she had finally satisfied her craving for some fried chicken. We love that Khloé can be so open and honest as she talks about everything going on during her pregnancy.

Khloé also showed off a photoshoot that she did with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, in which her baby bump was on full display in some lingerie. The reality star looked so beautiful in the snaps and was seriously glowing as she showed off her baby bump.


This Week’s Controversy, Courtesy Of Kylie

The Kardashian / Jenner controversy of the week comes to us by way of Kylie. On March 19, she posted a photo (which served as an advertisement) of herself in a waist trainer. According to Teen Vogue, a number of people took issue with the ad because Kylie was promoting a product that not only has no scientific backing behind it but also because it promotes an unrealistic beauty standard amongst the reality star’s fans.

Kylie hasn’t commented on the controversy and still has the photo up on her Instagram feed, which you can see for yourself above. It really is wild that there’s a new Kardashian controversy to keep up with every week. But, it seems like it almost comes with the fam’s territory at this point.


The Kardashians Kept Up With The March For Our Lives

The most major Kardashian update of the week concerned a political cause. It’s a cause that’s been near and dear to the family for years now. Kim, her husband Kanye West, and their daughter North West, all made the journey to Washington D.C. in order to participate in the March For Our Lives. Kim also posted a moving Instagram tribute to the event, above. Based on her post, it sounds as though it was an incredibly special one for her to experience with her family. Kim‘s sister Kendall Jenner also participated in the March For Our Lives and attended the demonstration in Los Angeles. She posted a video from the event on her Instagram where she captioned it “HUGS NOT GUNS.”

The rest of the family were all clear about their support of the movement on social media. Khloé, Kylie, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kris Jenner all posted something on Instagram and/or Twitter that showed off their support for the March For Our Lives.

The Kardashians have been vocal supporters of gun control, as seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In an episode from November 2016, the family sat down with gun-related violence survivors and leaders within the Everytown movement. The events in the episode took place before Kim‘s own terrifying October 2016 robbery ordeal, in which guns were pointed at her during the unfortunate incident. So, it wasn’t surprising that the Kardashians were open about their support for the March For Our Lives movement this past weekend.

What did you think about the Kardashians’ March For Our Lives involvement? Tell us your thoughts about it below!

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