Jersey Shore: The Situation Behind Bars

Mike Sorrentino has turned himself into custody.

January 16, 2019 10:47am

There won’t be any ‘family vacations’ for Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino for at least eight months.

The Jersey Shore star is serving time for tax evasion at New York’s Otisville Federal Correctional Institution. Did you know that Mike’s brother, Marc Sorrentino, was charged with a similar crime as his brother? I hope Marc has a good attitude like his brother, since he is sentenced to two years as opposed to Mike’s eight months.

Sitch reminded his Instagram followers that he’d be back by dropping a motivational post pre-incarceration! Way to keep it positive.

E! News gave us an overview of what a day in the life of a prisioner looks like, for those of us who don’t know….

The Situation’s costar, Snooki Polizzi sent him kind words to remind him that he is loved.

Mike may be in prison, but that doesn’t mean the reality show is over. Can you believe the ‘situations’ Mike may find himself in with fellow inmate, Michael Cohen? Yes, the President’s former attorney is serving his three year sentence for tax evasions, finance violations, and lying to Congress in the same facility as the Jersey Shore cast member. Is life imitating art or is art intimidating life? I can’t figure it out.

Mike left his contact info for pen-pals while he’s in the pen-itentiary, in case you live in 1988 and still write letters.

For the rest of Mike’s fans (who will not be handwriting a letter before sending it off to jail), you can drop a message to the official Chef of the Jersey Shore house in the comment section below. 




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