How Mexican Dynasties is Helping to Change Reality TV

These dynasties are dynamite

March 26, 2019 8:06am

We’re only four episodes in, but so far the new Bravo series, Mexican Dynasties, proves just as entertaining, and at times absurd, as other successful Bravo shows.  However, there’s another reason Dynasties is so dynamite, aside from the entertainment value.

The new show follows three prominent families in Mexico. Much like Shahs of Sunset, this show has important cultural significance, especially in today’s political climate. Reality tv has generally featured white Americans, from Paris Hilton to Lauren Conrad. It’s only in recent years that new reality shows have featured minorities and those of a different nationality and religion.

This series helps to address/break stereotypes and give viewers a little better understanding of those non-American holidays that show up in their phone’s calendar that they kind of just ignore. Mexican Dynasties exposes a largely American audience to something new and is particularly important for viewers who wouldn’t otherwise seek out material to learn about new cultures. Shows like these help to break down cultural barriers that some people may not understand or want to understand. Like I used to say to the first grade class I taught, the more we know about the culture of other countries, the better we can all get along (and realize just how boring American food really is). In other words, we need to break down walls, not build them.

Mexican Dynasties allows viewers to learn more about Mexican culture while still maintaining entertainment value. It’s kind of like how your mom used to sneak like zucchini and carrots into brownies;  you may not want it, but it’s good for you. And since some of us are unaware that we’re trying something new, chances are we’ll be inadvertently accepting of these new things.

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Like they address in the show, some Americans just think of Mexicans as maids and gardeners, but there are many other ways Mexicans contribute to society. This all sounds so obvious, but again, if America’s political landscape is any indicator, it clearly isn’t. The deceased grandfather in one of the families, for example, created the popular Mexican soft drink, Jarritos.

Just like American reality tv stars, Mexicans, Persians and many others can lead ridiculous, lavish lives too! From nagging moms talking about their daughter’s weight to gay best friends and overdramatic burial of parrots, Mexican reality stars really are just as over the top.

Mexican Dynasties is so important in that it shows how Mexican culture is more than just tequila and sombreros (like certain RHOC trips may make it seem).

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