Get'n Cozy with TOR's Imani Craig

January 9, 2021 9:45pm

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Imani Craig, Taste of Reality’s Marketing guru! She runs TORs instagram and keeps the feed up to date with the latest reality and pop culture tea! I discovered the sweet Florida native also works for a local non-profit, Habitat for Humanity. She has a big heart for helping others but saves room for her guilty pleasure, reality tv! Our chat about the new season of The Bachelor lead us to discuss the lack of diversity in the franchise as well as most reality tv shows, as a result of production and those running the show being predominantly white and male. We agreed more needs to be done to continue and speed up the progress we’ve seen in the last year, most likely due to the BLM movement. Imani is a huge fangirl for One Tree Hill, like myself and has attended many conventions and met several of the cast, pre-Covid of course. We bonded over our love for the show and I gave her some advice for dating in your mid-twenties, I have no doubt she will find what she’s looking for! Imani is a gem and we are all grateful to have her here on our team!

Category: Bachelor/Bachelorette, Get'n Cozy Podcast, Podcast Network

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