Get'n Cozy with The Conversation Coach, Darius Brown

June 1, 2021 2:02pm

Meet Darius Brown, The Conversation Coach! He’s a speaker, an author, and a strategy coach, not only for dating, but for life and business as well! I had him come on to discuss his revolutionary book “You Got the Digits, Now What? 104 Early Dating Questions,” a must read for anyone and everyone who is currently dating! The book is designed to create memorable conversations with high quality men/women, and give you the answers you need without interrogating your date! For example, maybe you would like to know how much ambition he/she has, Darius suggests asking “What was one of the biggest risks you’ve taken that’s paid off for you now?” Or if you’d like to know more about his/her character, ask them “What insecurities are you most proud of overcoming?” There are countless categories, including sex and religion, so all of your burning questions can be asked in a non-invasive way! Stop wasting time trying to figure people out, get the answers you want and feel confident staying the course or moving on. Prepare to take notes! The information Darius shares is invaluable, and badly needed! I guarantee you will be better prepared to take on dating and relationships after listening!

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