Get'n Cozy with The Big Shot with Bethenny's Nicole Rose' Stillings

June 7, 2021 10:45am

Nicole Rose’ was easily the most polarizing character on the hit reality tv show The Big Shot with Bethenny. She is an incredibly accomplished entrepreneur, dj, influencer, and podcaster, and made big waves with Bethenny herself! I wanted to have her on to get to know who she is at her core and what has shaped her into the dynamo she is today. We chat about the intensity of the show, and if she would have changed anything during filming. What was Bethenny like and what did she learn from the extraordinary experience? Her podcast Big Queen Energy empowers women and is a positive light in the post-pandemic world. In addition to that, she is releasing a meditation program June 14th that is life changing! Thank you for listening!

Follow Nicole on Instagram @nicolerosestillings and her podcast @bigqueenenergypod

Category: Bachelor/Bachelorette, Get'n Cozy Podcast, Podcast Network

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