Get'n Cozy with Rudi from Listen to Your Heart

November 27, 2020 3:16pm

I caught up with musical phenom and fan favorite Rudi Guteirrez from The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart! She shares stories from her childhood about her love of music and acting, her first big performance and what inspired her to become a singer/songwriter. She also spills about who her singles “Stupid Boy’ and “Hate LA” are about! Don’t miss her singing her favorite song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” it will bring you to tears, as it did me! She is such a literal rockstar and will do great things in the music industry! Part 2 with her new roommate Julia Rae from LTYH will be released soon! Follow Rudi aon Instagram @itsjustrudi and Get’n Cozy @getncozywitherin for more Live Tub Talk shows!

Category: Bachelor/Bachelorette, Get'n Cozy Podcast, Podcast Network

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