Get'n Cozy with Marcus Pierce from The Bachelorette

April 10, 2021 12:46pm

This week we go back to 2004, when Marcus Pierce was on Season 2 of The Bachelorette! (Season 18 is currently filming, for context.) A fitness trainer, life coach, and model, Marcus shares what life was like before the limelight, and his time on the show getting to know the lead Meredith Phillips and his fellow castmates. His account is so honest and eye opening, I loved his fresh take on the whole process. Countless opportunities opened up to him post show, including a tv show on Bravo and other popular networks, an Emmy winning one as well! He is at his core a lover and a very soulful individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and many creative passions. He has experienced real heartache and loss but has never given up on his ultimate goal of finding his soulmate, an example set by his parents idyllic story and marriage. I cannot say enough about this kind, tenderhearted, phenomenal man, he’s as real as they come! Hope you enjoy get’n cozy with him as much as I did! Follow Marcus on Instagram @itismarcus and Marcus Pierce on Clubhouse!

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