Get'n Cozy with Justin Takes the Bach

January 16, 2021 3:36pm

There are so many Bachelor focused Instagram accounts and podcasts out there, but Justin Takes the Bach, is different. On this episode, I get cozy with podcaster and friend, Justin Cole Adams. His unique approach to addressing the popular show is both unique and intriguing. He has been able to cultivate relationships with contestants, past and present, which is not an easy feat. He gives great advice on how to get the attention of these seemingly unattainable people, and has them join his pod for a show recap or as a guest. Unlike a lot of other accounts, he doesn’t shy away from being sexual in his posts, flirting etc., and pushing that controversial envelope with the contestants. His social media growth has been astounding and for good reason! I also ask Justin to deep dive into the contestants response (or lack of) from the aftermath of the Capitol Insurrection this past week, the results were eye-opening. You can follow Justin on Instagram @justintakesthebach Thank you for listening!

Category: Bachelor/Bachelorette, Get'n Cozy Podcast, Podcast Network

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