Get'n Cozy with Fboy Island's Mark Moran

August 4, 2021 11:54am

I’m incredibly excited to announce I am officially a HBO Max partner and will be bringing you exclusive interviews with the cast of their newest reality tv show, FBoy Island! The binge-worthy show has already created quite a buzz, and for good reason! My first castmate is the very charismatic and “self proclaimed nice guy” Mark Moran. He is a Wall Street investor by day, and a jack of all trades by night. Mark was one of the first guys to go on a coveted 1 on 1 date with CJ, one of the show’s three leading ladies. He shares invaluable lessons he learned from his experience on the show, and the cherished friendships he made during filming. I loved getting to know him, and he promised there are many more twists and drama to come! You can binge the first three addictive episodes now on Hbo Max, with more being released every Thursday! Follow Mark on Instagram @itsmarkmoran and Get’n Cozy @getncozywitherin!

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