Get'n Cozy with Dr. Diane, The Back to Love Doc!

January 2, 2021 3:56pm

Dr. Diane Strachowski, known as “The Bachelor Psychologist” on social media, gives invaluable insight on dating in a pandemic and a stellar 5 step plan to find dating success in 2021! Diane has written articles and blogged for Cosmo, PopSugar, NBC News, and Bustle about dating, relationships, and love. Over the past 20 years, she has helped thousands of women find love, get engaged and married! After experiencing her own heartbreak in her twenties, she was inspired to help others avoid the dating and love pitfalls she fell into. I loved her take on the relationships in Bachelor Nation and her thoughts on the newest couple, Zac and Tayshia. If you are single and dating or unhappy in your current relationship, this is a must listen!! Sign up for one or more of her many dating classes in her online Love School at and make sure to take her free Love Style quiz! Follow her on Instagram @backtolovedoc and Get’n Cozy @getncozywitherin.

Thank you for listening! Wishing you a safe and cozy New Year filled with love and light!

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