From ‘Goodbye Wig’ to ‘Jesus Jugs’: A ‘Real Housewives’ Dictionary in GIFs

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February 11, 2019 9:04am

Throughout the years the Real Housewives have come up with some extremely clever and witty one-liners.

Many of these statements will go down in Housewives history as the best of the best when it comes to throwing shade and snark.

If you’re a Bravo fan you most likely know these one-liners by heart. What like it’s hard? And considering that Bravo fans speak their own language they can probably rattle off the meanings of these one-liners at the drop of a hat.

However, non-Housewives fans might have trouble deciphering the language of the Real Housewives. Because let’s be real, the Real Housewives dictionary is in a league of its own.

So lets breakdown the Real Housewives dictionary in GIFS as we go from ‘Goodbye Wig’ to ‘Jesus Jugs’ and get an education in Real Housewives 101.

Jesus Jugs — Tamra Judge content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: A phrase used to make fun of someone who is religious and also has breast implants.”

Used in a sentence: “You are psychotic, Jesus Jugs,” Tamra Judge screamed at Alexis Bellino during the Real Housewives of Orange County season 7 reunion.

Naked Wasted – Tamra Judge content/uploads/2019/01/real

Definition: A term used to describe an extremely high level of drunkenness.

Used in a sentence: “We’re going to get her naked wasted,” Tamra told Vicki Gunvalson, about their plan to get Gretchen Rossi “do something stupid” at a dinner party during season 4 of RHOC.

Own It – Lisa Rinna content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: A motto said to encourage a person to take responsibility for their own actions

Used in a sentence: “F—king own it! Own it!” Lisa Rinna said in hopes of coaxing Lisa Vanderpump to own up to her dirty deeds during the season 6 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

Morally Corrupt – Camille Grammer

Image result for morally corrupt faye

Definition: A saying used to describe someone who lacks a code of ethics

Used in a sentence: Camille Grammer infamously referred to Faye Resnick as the “morally corrupt Faye Resnick” during her season 1 of RHOBH dinner party from hell because she posed for Playboy magazine after the O.J. Simpson trial.

Slut Pig – Kim Richards content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: An insult directed at someone who you believe to be extremely promiscuous

Used in a sentence: “You’re a slut pig!” Kim Richards yelled at Brandi Glanville during game-night on season 2 of RHOBH. 

Who Gon’ Check Me Boo? – Shereé Whitfield content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: A comeback used when someone threatens to put you in your place and you let them know that’s not going to happen

Used in a sentence: “Who gon’ check me boo?” Shereé Whitfield told her party planner during season 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

Get Off My Jock – Bethenny Frankel content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: A catchword used when you want someone to leave you f$#k alone

Used in a sentence: “Get off my jock,” Bethenny Frankel yelled at Heather Thomson during season 7 of the Real Housewives of New York City.

Wig – NeNe Leakes content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: NeNe Leakes’ nickname for Kim Zolciak due to her love of wearing very fake hair

Used in a sentence: “Bye, wig,” NeNe barked at Kim during season 1 of RHOA as she waved goodbye.

Pernicious – Camille Grammer content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: Causing insidious harm or ruin; ruinous; injurious; hurtful:

Used in a sentence: “Wow, she’s pernicious,” Camille said, referring to her RHOBH season 1 enemy Kyle Richards.

‘Gone With the Wind’ Fabulous – Kenya Moore content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: Someone who is extra special and defies the odds no matter what; Kenya Moore tried to explain the catchphrase in her 2012 Bravo blog: “In 1939, Hattie McDaniel was the first Black woman to win an Academy Award for her performance in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel played a loyal maid in a time where roles for women of color were few and far between. …  She has enriched my life. Her incredible feat defied racism, hatred, segregation and civil uncertainty and unrest. … My age, race, religion, social economic standing, and marital status are not indicators of my past, present, or future as I too can defy the odds just like Hattie.”

Used in a sentence: “I’m still fabulous … Gone with the Wind fabulous,” Kenya exclaimed as she twirled away in Anguilla during season 5 of RHOA.

Whoop It Up – Vicki Gunvalson content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: A catchphrase used to let everyone know  it’s time to party

Used in a sentence: “Let’s whoop it the hell up,” Vicki often squeals at her RHOC costars during cast trips.

Turtle Time – Ramona Singer content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: Cutting loose, having fun, and getting down on the dance floor with your friends, usually with a glass (or bottle) of Pinot Grigio in tow

Used in a sentence: “Get the Pinot ready, because it’s Turtle Time,” Ramona Singer bellowed during the RHONY season 6 intro.

Not Well Bitch – Dorinda Medley content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: A response when someone asks you how you are doing and you’re angry, upset and/or hungover

Used in a sentence: “I’ll tell you how I’m doing, not well, bitch!” Dorinda Medley screamed after getting into an argument with Sonja Morgan during season 9 of RHONY.

Be Cool – Luann de Lesseps content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: Calm down, relax, and follow girl code

Used in a sentence: “Be cool, don’t be all, uncool,” Luann de Lesseps told her RHONY costars after they found a man she brought home on vacation alone in a bed.

Bloop – NeNe Leakes content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: A catchphrase used when you are bored with the topic and have nothing else to say

Used in a sentence: “Bloop!” NeNe often said as a comeback to her RHOA co-stars.

Chateau Shereé – Shereé Whitfield content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: Shereé dream mansion that she spent many years building.

Used in a sentence: With the exception of the very unfinished basement, Chateau Shereé was completed after much delay during season 9 of RHOA.

Clip – Dorinda Medley content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: Shut up, stop talking, I don’t care what you’re saying

Used in a sentence: “Clip, clip, clip,” Dorinda screeched at Sonja Morgan after she accused Dorinda of initially wanting to be a part of the Tipsy Girl alcohol brand during season 9 of RHONY.

Go to Sleep – Bethenny Frankel content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: Take a timeout, be quiet, and literally, go to bed

Used in a sentence: “Go to sleep!” Bethenny yelled at Kelly Bensimon repeatedly during their season 3 cast trip to Scary Island after Kelly had multiple meltdowns.

Satchels of Gold – Kelly Bensimon content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: A reference to living in a fantasy dream world that’s full of lollipops, rainbows, leprechauns and gold coins

Used in a sentence: “Satchels of Gold,” a delusional Kelly Bensimon said to Bethenny Frankel after the Skinny Girl mogul called her crazy during their cast trip to Scary Island.

I Really Don’t Give a Dog’s Rip – Mama D content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: When you don’t give AF about something

Used in a sentence: “I don’t give a dog’s rip,” D’Andra Simmons’ mother, Mama D, told her when she gossiped about LeeAnne Locken’s relationship woes during season 3 of RHOD.

Jovani – Dorinda Medley content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary

Definition: The fashion brand that supplies Luann de Lesseps with all of the glamorous dresses of her cabaret show, thanks to Dorinda Medley.

Used in a sentence: “Jovani! Jovani!” Dorinda hollered out at Luann’s show to give the brand credit for dressing the Countess during season 10 of RHONY.

Fix It, Jesus – Phaedra Parks content/uploads/2019/01/real housewives dictionary


Definition: A expression used when someone does something so disgraceful and dramatic that they desperately need Jesus’ help

Used in a sentence: “Fix it, Jesus,” Phaedra Parks often said to her RHOA co-stars after their crazy antics.

Tell us – Which Real Housewives catchphrase is your favorite?!

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