Friends of the Real Housewives' Cast: Part I

Friends or foes?

April 25, 2019 11:48am

Much like me trying to convince myself that I can wear a white shirt for an entire day without staining it, some things just never happen. Such is the case with certain women on The Real Housewives’ franchise. Try as you might, sometimes you’re just not destined to be a housewife. Of course, there were plenty of women who got demoted to or promoted from “friend of cast,” but there are many more who never got to hold an orange (or apple, peach, etc.) and never will.

Check out this list of the many friends of the cast and my unsolicited opinions of them!


Marlo Hampton

If you’ve read any of my RHOA recaps, you know that I’m not a fan of Marlo. She’s not a cast member, and no matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be. Yeah, she adds to the drama, but it’s mostly cheap shots. So the girl needs to pipe down and not be featured in every episode because contrary to what she may think, she is not the spotlight.


Marlo spotlight

Tanya Sam

The most recent friend of the cast, Tanya, is just one of those people who inexplicably annoys me. She’s always on the cusp of adding some major drama or humor, but never quite fully gets there. Also, WHY WOULD YOU SPEND MONEY ON A HIBACHI GRILL IN YOUR BASEMENT?! A cotton candy maker, one of those weird cool nitrogen whatever they are popcorn stands, or literally anything else I could respect, but a hibachi grill in a small area that overeats? No.


Kim DePaola

From spreading rumors about Teresa Giudice’s infidelity to orchestrating strippergate, was Kim D ever really friends with any of the ladies on the show? Of course, RHONJ just wouldn’t be the same without her. Who could forget all the drama that went down at her Posche fashion shows? Basically, she’s the sprig of parsley atop spaghetti; she’s not quite integral but certainly keeps things more interesting. So for that, we appreciate her.

oh oh so kim d

Kim Granatell

The other Kim wasn’t as bad, but she still wasn’t great. You never really knew whose side she was on; Teresa’s? Danielle Staub’s? Neither? I’m all for getting kicked out of a place once or twice to up your street cred, but to cause a scene so big it took multiple Manzo’s to kick her out of  Melissa Gorga’s house? That’s a no from me, dawg.

Rosie Pierri

This is the emotionally available lesbian EVERY reality show needs. Rosie was both a friend and  family member to some of the Jersey cast-mates. She tried to stay out of the drama, but don’t mess with her when it comes to her close family, friends, and partners. Rosie joined in guys’ poker nights and cooked right along with some of the ladies, proving gender norms are, in fact, bullish*t.


Barbara Kavovit

The new friend of the cast this season isn’t exactly everyone’s friend, but I think she tried her best. Barb supports Lu and tries her best to help then other women unless they push her away (*ahem* Dorinda Medley…)

Ramona opinion of barb

Stay tuned for Part II: Friends of the RHOC and RHOBH casts!

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