Episode 96: Drag Race Season 10 - Tens Across The Board

March 25, 2018 8:53pm

Remember All Stars 3, Mary? Me neither! Season 10 wasted no time gabbing our undivided attention and erasing any woes about where the series is going. The queens this season are not only ready to compete, they are ready to be good on TV. (Monique Heart, where have you been all our lives?) We get a welcomed throwback to Drag on a Dime, focusing more on the artistry of drag–but adding a little lukewarm drama with this emerging Cracquaria feud. (Alyssa vs Coco, this is not.) We come to Dusty’s defense, are over the moon for Monet, and it bears repeating, in love with Monique Heart. Kalorie killed in the lip sync, but we’re left wanting more of those cookies from Miss Vanjie…(Miss Vanjie…Miss…Vanjie….)


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