Episode 86: Drag Race All Stars 3 Ep 1 - All-Star Variety Show

January 27, 2018 4:29am

It’s officially All Stars season, Mary’s! We already covered the first 15 minutes in Episode 84, so we get right into it with the reveal of the not-such-a-mystery queen! (We clearly just couldn’t wait, so this episode is dropping a little early this week!)

We get the highlights of a mostly successful reading challenge before settling in for a variety show–because if it ain’t broke, why not kick things off the exact same way they did in AS2? Ben pulls a Bianca and sails through EVERYTHING, Aja has the comeback she deserves, Kennedy cartwheels onto a box and Chi Chi makes a choice about those shoes. Plus: the sad tale of the queen who forgot it wasn’t Season 2 anymore. And yes, we talk about Vanessa Hudgens being really into voguing right now, before wrapping things up with a glorious Last Chance Lip Sync.


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