Episode 70: Drag Race Season 2 - Rocker Chicks

November 5, 2017 6:54pm

Rock out with your tuck out, Mary! The queens are channeling their inner Pat Benatar (or, Terri Nunn) to perform, in front of a live audience of unpaid interns, a hard rock version of Ru’s “Ladyboy” (available on iTunes). We discuss what REALLY happened to Juju, Tyra’s notoriously terrible performance, Tati’s struggle with standing out, and good god girl… THAT LIP SYNC. Plus, we have a Moment of Appreciation for Sahara Davenport, some Drag Race adjacent recommended viewing, the #KimChiChallenge, and a Last Chance Lip Sync that runs deep, and also high. (It’ll make sense later.)


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