Episode 351: BONUS!: Canada's Drag Race - Season 3 Episode 1: Sidewalk to Catwalk

July 19, 2022 12:22pm

We’ll be covering Canada’s Drag Race on Patreon this season, but we’re kicking things off on the main feed this week! Our continental sister series kicks off with 12 new queens and strong old-school Project Runway vibes. We’ll warn you now, we repeat the name “Irma Gerd” more times than we say Mary, but we’re also enjoying Jada Shada, both of the Bae’s and cool big sister Chelazon. Brooke Lynn’s white shoes in the workroom send us on a significant tangent, to say nothing of Boom Boom’s cabbie hat. Miss F is up to no good, we’ve got another Ella Vaday Lookalike this season, and that lip sync song choice is one for the drawing board.


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