Episode 320: Season 14 Episode 5 - Save a Queen

February 6, 2022 3:06pm

The queens are giving back to the Drag Race community with this week’s poetic parody PSA Save a Queen, dedicated to lifting up early outs of the series like Kahmora Hall, Jaymes Mansfield and Tempest DuJour (really). And while the elimination at the end of this week’s episode wasn’t terribly shocking, the one at the beginning of the episode certainly was! Kornbread shuffled out with another classic Injury of Drag Race, clearing the way for some more queens to become frontrunners. This week Bosco shot to the top like the Seattle space needle, Lady Camden was truly the tea, Willow continued to bring the house down and Orion’s sequel in this competition ended as quickly as her first story. Get ready for A LOT of RuPaul Charles Elementary analogies this week, Mary’s!

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