Episode 31 - w/ Mandy Slutsker (Is This Real Life), RHONY (s11e20), RHOBH (s09e23)

July 29, 2019 10:00pm

Kirsty & Mandy Slutsker (Is This Real Life) leave nothing behind as they laugh their way through the traumas & neurosis that they share with each other and with their favourite housewives. Listen as they armchair diagnose the ladies with every mental health issue in the DSM-5 & pray with Kirsty as she re-lives her time in ‘The Hab’ by giving us her best rendition of the serenity prayer!

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Guest: Mandy Slutsker
– Podcast: Is This Real Life
– Instagram: @itrl_podcast
– Twitter: @mandyslutsker

Additional info:
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