Episode 308: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 6: Hairy Monsters

November 26, 2021 7:04pm

Things get pretty hairy on stage this week, but a lot less scary in the boudoir as the Top 6 settles into a friendly monster energy for hopefully the remainder of the competition. Zavaleta’s inner pre-school teacher is brought out, perhaps by that sweater and glasses combination.  The Boulets revealed the real reason in a recent episode of their podcast, and we discuss the pros and cons of their demonic intervention.  Hoso finally catches a win as a misunderstood monstrous moth, Dahli remains the frontrunner despite a familiar face and unfavorable shoes, Saint continues to serve more runway than floor show, Sigourney sags to the bottom, and our hearts break for Jade Jolie and her furry best friend.


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