Episode 307: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 5: Ghostship Glamour

November 20, 2021 10:28am

Things are getting goulishly glamorous for this week’s haunted high seas floor show, but the monsters are making even bigger waves in the Cauldron in one of the series’ most chaotic conflicts. Dahli is the only one smooth sailing through this week while Jade finds a key and loses a seat mate in Betty, Saint’s biscuits aren’t rising and neither is she in this competition, Sigourney’s experience with glamour proves to be a double edged sword and Zava zeroes in on a new opponent.  Meanwhile, Hoso is questioning the definition of Glamour, the Boulets are stuck in their helmets, Fangoria is just kind of there and the goose of the season gets washed out to sea.

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