Episode 306: Dragula Season 4 – Episode 4: Monsters of Rock

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The perennial Monsters of Rock challenge usually leads to more than a few broken guitar strings by the end of the floor show. This season was no exception, though to be fair, things fell apart for Glam Rot long before they got on stage, and the real show was the encore in the Cauldron between Sigourney, Merrie, Jade, and Betty when she could get a word in edgewise. Meanwhile, Dahli finally nabs the win they came here for and leads Zenith to a clear and drama-free victory. We try to address much of the drama stirred up on social media regarding Merrie and Siggy, identify the goose of the cast, celebrate a quick cameo from a Dragula fave and question what it actually means to be “playing a game.”
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