Episode 303: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 2: Nosferatu Beach Party

October 29, 2021 2:46pm

There’s blood in the water for this week’s 60’s themed vampire beach party, pairing the monsters up as moonbathers with a mouthful. Season 2 standout and Resurrection runner-up Dahli casually strolls back into the competition, but the parent-child reunion with Astrud is short-lived this season when her bikini killer leaves a salty taste in the judges mouth. Bitter Betty is giving Elusive Elizabeth while Koco Caine can’t even with Merrie, though both are saved by the Boulets. Saint is canonized as the winner of this week’s challenge, but Dahli and Hoso were on our beach blanket bingo cards. Meanwhile, Vanessa Hudgens brings, let’s just say, a pizzazz to the judging panel.

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