Episode 288: Drag Race España Ep 7+8 - Reunion/Grand Finale

July 28, 2021 10:18am

It’s already time to say “adios” to a fabulous season of Drag Race, but not before putting the Top 3 through the usual finale paces. We have less to say about the reunion than we do about the final challenge this week, and even then it’s mostly thirsting over Carmelo Segura. Killer Queen kills the challenge, Hugaceo and Arantxa steal the runway and Carmen wins the competition before the lip sync is even over with a brilliant wig reveal that left us dripping. We also discuss the merits of Ricki and the Flash as a future Matreon, make a surprising discovery about A League of Their Own, and answer the question on everybody’s lips: is Charlotte Rae still alive?

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