Episode 258: RuPaul's Drag Race S13 E6 - Disco-mentary

February 7, 2021 7:22pm

This week, the queens are channeling the late 70’s with a disco dance-umentary and then bringing the early 90’s to the runway with often literal little black dresses. Evan Ross Katz joins us this week to help chart what feels like an oddly produced episode this season. Olivia Lux shined for sure, but did she truly outshine the rest of the cast? Did anyone even do that poorly? And since when were we judging queens on performance looks? Things reach a seemingly inevitable conclusion in the Lip Sync For Your Life, pitting Kandy and Tamisha against one another hot on the heels of last week’s Untucked feud. Sadly the lady says go home to the mother of the Iman dynasty, and Kandy finally shows the judges the vulnerability they’re looking for with a BSA-worthy breakdown.

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