Episode 194: Drag Race UK - The Finale

December 1, 2019 6:51pm

Spoilers ahead, Mary! Turn back before it’s too late!  It’s finale time, and you know what that means—shady choreography edits, fake podcast interviews, claims of this being everyone’s dream Top 3, and the queens telling a framed photo of themselves at age 5 that it’ll get “much better”! While The Baga de Campo form a tight top trio, the real winner of the season was not The Vivienne, but the battered sausage scrubber herself, Baga Chipz! We discuss that and other superlatives of the season as we wrap up coverage on what’ll hopefully be the first of many seasons of Drag Race UK (And that means more accents!).


Category: Alright Mary Podcast, Podcast Network, RuPaul's Drag Race

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