Episode 181: *BONUS* Preview: Drag Race UK Season 1 E1: God Save The Queens

October 4, 2019 9:13am

Please enjoy this first act preview of our coverage of Drag Race UK Premiere Season that is happening on Patreon right after the episode airs in the UK. These episodes will become free following the LOGO TV US release every Monday!

The premiere of Drag Race UK is serving British royalty realness this week! Our ten new heirs to the throne are giving us hometown glory and Buckingham Palace monarchy with two looks on the runway. Crystal pounds the stage and earns some coin, Sum Ting Wong stamps to the top, The Vivienne reaches great heights despite the flats, and Cheryl Hole needs a handbag. It’s a bitter start for Vinegar, Gothy’s breathy roaring barely makes a peep and Scaredy Kat has really got her dander up. Michelle picks the wrong nose, Alan Carr offers a cuppa in his dressing room and RuPaul is just having a smashing good time.

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