Episode 170: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 7 - Food Lovers

July 21, 2019 8:00pm

It’s dinner and a show this week with the Top 6 whipping up delicious designs inspired by classic Thai cuisine. We also get a pretty extensive crash course in cooking from the dreamy Chef Fang, which sends us on a long tangent about desirability politics and sexual preferences. Angele Anang serves up an amazing green curry (and interesting makeup choices), Bandit breaks her yolk but not her safe streak, Smirala is a good egg, Vanda should have ordered out, Genie’s an acquired taste, and while Tormai isn’t everyone’s favorite dish, we’d certainly have seconds. Who will be served their just desserts in a three way lip sync? Our lips are sealed! (Well, not really. We talk about it in the episode.)

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