Episode 169: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 6 - Power of Speech

July 14, 2019 8:00pm

Ironically, on the “power of speech” episode, we had a slight technical difficulty and Colin’s mic crapped out 22 minutes in, but that didn’t stop us from queening out on the Top 8’s talk show circuit, Bandit’s mature wisdom in the workroom, and Genie, Tormai and Vanda’s powerful speeches on the runway. But of course, the biggest goop of the episode was the rigor morris called out at the 11th hour by Mocha. Pangina came painted to read this week and delivered the toughest love we’ve seen from her yet (babe!), teaching Mocha a powerful lesson in handling things maturely. (Gimhuay certainly got the hint and sashayed away with grace and dignity.)

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