Episode 152: RuPaul's Drag Race - Meet All the Queens of 13 and UK2

December 20, 2020 7:01pm

2021 will be teeming with queens with both Season 13 and Drag Race UK Season 2 kicking off in January.  That means this week we have 25 new names and faces to get to know, share some hot takes on and make mostly baseless predictions about! As usual, we expect to be mostly proven wrong over the next few months, but are excited to see if Symone or Olivia Lux are going to run away with their season, whether Tamisha will warm up or fans will have a sweet tooth for Kandy Muse. Across the Atlantic we indeed fancy a slice of Ginny Lemon, are excited to meet Joe Black, and are already on a nickname basis with Ronnie Green. But despite the duvet, don’t sleep on Sister Sister! Find out which season we’re more excited for, our thoughts on this show as a US vs UK platform, and which queen we’re ready to see sashay away first.

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