Episode 130: Drag Race Season 7 - Born Naked

October 28, 2018 5:50pm

We’re HERE, Mary’s! H-E-R-E! Season 7 may have been a bit of a slog for everyone the first time around, but in retrospect it’s a season of stars! This week we say hello to some favorites–Katya, Trixie, Jasmine, Kasha, Kennedy, and of course, Miss Kandy Ho in the MF’ing house–and keep our queer eyes on queens like Pearl and Miss Fame. The episode is a parade of looks with little precious workroom banter, but Katya emerges quickly as the narrator and Violet shines despite a thorny start. We Mary out on Michelle unnecessarily clocking a bit of boy on the runway, Trixie evolving from outcast to All Star and Jasmine being stoned in the workroom, before bidding a saggy, soggy adieu to Tempest DuJour.

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