Episode 126: Dragula Season 2- Episodes 9 & 10: The Last Supper + Finale

October 7, 2018 10:02pm

Before America’s next drag supermonster can be crowned (and covered in blood), the exterminated seven are reanimated to join the Top 3 for a family dinner hosted by the Boulets and catered by Meatball, where we FINALLY get into the infamous Monikkie shame. Then it’s on to the final floor show. After some compelling testimony in the boudoir from each queen, we get a cavalcade of glamour, filth and horror, including James Majesty getting mustardy, Victoria Elizabeth embracing her inner blackness and Biqtch eating more than just pudding….Which queen will take home in the crown? Well, we spoiled it like five episodes ago. But she more than earns it this episode!

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