Episode 116: Drag Race Thailand Episode 5 - Snatch Game

August 5, 2018 9:08pm

The library is open and so are our hearts as we watch Drag Race Thailand’s first ever Snatch Game! Amadiva blows us all away in her reading challenge, Natalia Pliacam gives us nuance nuance nuance as Miss Sumanee(that’s three drinks, Mary), and B Ella blows us all away as she emerges as a comedy queen alongside JaJa. We comment on the first negativity from a guest judge toward Annee May Wong, find our disagreement with the runway/lip sync outcome (an elephant never forgets…), and of course… we are gooped, gagged, and waving our hankies at that intoxicating lip sync! As Pangina Heals says, “Thank [email protected]#$%ing you!”

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