Episode 100: Drag Race Season 10 - The Bossy Rossy Show

April 22, 2018 8:56pm

Geraldo oh no she betta don’t, Mary! Donahue betta work! Dip into the cool waters of Ricki Lake! This week, the queens are guests on The Bossy Rossy Show, a Jerry Springer-like talk show with Ross Mathews behind an authentic pair of red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses and tackling the hard topics: Monet’s addiction to eating hip pads, Blair and Monique’s love triangle with a cactus, and some strange adult baby fetish play that gave Eureka her first win. Plus: Cracker dressed up like a pickle. We spend some time on Eureka and The Vixen’s conflicting damage and their need to be heard, Ross’s nuance, that air guitar incident that had happened, and also just queen out on hitting 100 episodes!


Category: Alright Mary Podcast, Podcast Network

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