Eliot Goldberg- EVP of Unscripted for AMC and Sundance

November 5, 2019 2:21pm

Today’s guest is the head of unscripted for AMC and Sundance and also a good friend. Eliot Goldberg first came on the pod in March of 2018 and talked about how he brought the Kardashians to our TV screens. Today, it’s a more somber conversation about his new compelling documentary series, THE PREPPY MURDER: Death In Central Park, which starts airing simultaneously on AMC and Sundance November 13th at 9pm. It all centers around a horrible case that gripped the country back in the 80’s: the gruesome murder of Jennifer Levin and the infamous “preppy murderer” Robert Chambers. Eliot had a special connection to this case which helped fuel his commitment to getting the story right. The series is a fascinating intersection of true crime and the #metoo movement- more than 30 years after the fact.

AMC Preppy Murder
My original interview with Eliot about Kardashians and his career:



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