Families of the Mafia’s Dennie Augustine: Where is She Now?

Families Of The Mafia fans quickly fell in love with Dennie Augustine as she graced our screens with her quick wit and hilarious one-liners.

After watching her personal struggles play out on our screens every week and her strength to overcome real-life family struggles we knew we had to sit down and talk about the Life of Dennie.

We were ecstatic to be able to video chat with Dennie on Spill It, Sister Podcast! from her Staten Island home during this quarantine to brighten up our week.

Where is Dennie Now?

Dennie gave us a peek into her quarantine lifestyle and how she’s been spending time with her boyfriend, Gennaro Palomba. The couple started dating right after filming ended on Families of the Mafia. Dennie spills all the tea on where their relationship is headed in the near future. Dennie has been practicing social distancing to assure her family’s safety during this pandemic.

While she was working at a dermatologist prior to quarantine she is currently delivering for Door Dash with her beau in her spare time. Dennie has some very exciting news about her latest merch line coming soon and new podcast episodes headed your way.

Will She Return To Our Screens?

While there is no definitive answer to that question yet Dennie did say there is so much more to all of their stories that needs to be shared. What she could say is we will definitely be able to watch her and her family in their everyday lives on their new and upcoming YouTube channel.

Mended Relationships?

Many of our listeners wanted to know where Dennie stood with her biological father. We watched as she struggled to understand why he left when she was younger and the phone call that ended it all. Dennie expressed all of the love she has received since the show aired and how even some of her friends were unaware of this part of her life.

Dennie says she still hasn’t spoken to her father but when she does she has words for him as a woman not as his daughter, because that title is not for him.


Check out Ally and Leah’s full interview! It was fabulous to talk with Dennie Augustine and we can attest that she is amazing on and off the screen. We look forward to all of her new business ventures and wish her the best of luck.

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