Debbie Gibson- International Pop Star (With Guest Co-Host Doug Cohn)

October 23, 2019 2:00pm

I am THRILLED to welcome international pop star Debbie Gibson to the podcast today! All made possible by my co-guest and friend Doug Cohn, Senior Vice President of Music and Talent at Nickelodeon. Debbie has been famous since she burst on the scene as a pop phenomenon in 1987, and she has been working ever since. She’s one of the judges on the new competition series for Nickelodeon, AMERICAS MOST MUSICAL FAMILY, which premieres November 1st at 7pm. Not only do Doug and Debbie talk about the show, but Debbie tells some great stories about her early days and how she stayed sane when the record business tried to make her insane. Make sure you listen until the end for some live (and unexpected!) singing from Debbie!

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