90 Day Fiance Ex Drops A Bomb About Her Sex Life with Colt Johnson

Info you need to know, but don't want to know.

December 12, 2018 3:54pm

You may want to grab a barf bag. This is going to get ugly. I’m glad I saw this news on an empty stomach. Consider yourself warned…


I’m not surprised that Colt is into kinky sex stuff, but I am disappointed in myself for thinking about it at all. Is this what rock bottom feels like? At least I’m not down here alone. Thanks, twitter, for the support.

Much like Ramona Singer, I don’t tolerate women not supporting one another.

With that said, I have questions about this ex-girlfriend of his. How long did they date? How did they meet? Is sex with the lights off a normal ritual for her?

Could this ex-girlfriend be making this up for attention, sure. Do I think any woman in their right mind would sleep with Colt, let alone date him? Nope. Does that make the ex-girlfriend lose credibility in my eyes? Yep!

Larissa Dos Santos Lima has commented on her romantic life with Coltee in the past…

If this is true, my theory that Colt was a virgin until Larissa is debunked.

Does the idea of a kinky Coltee make you ill? Truth bombs are welcomed in the comment section.

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