Cities That Should Be Part of the Real Housewives Franchise: Part II

What happens in Vegas should stay on our tv screens forever

May 27, 2019 11:49am

There’s no such thing as too many Real Housewives shows. While many big cities are blessed with a show, many more are not.

Check out part two of my list of cities that should be part of the Real Housewives franchise!

Chicago, IL

Listen, Chicago deep dish pizza is straight up TRASH. I’d eat a slice of New York pizza out of the Pizza Rat’s little paws before I eat deep dish again.  Bad pizza aside, the Windy City does still have a lot to offer, from rowdy St. Patrick’s parades to great shopping where plenty of housewives lurk. The wealthy decedents of old time mobsters are probably out there, just waiting to put the Jersey housewives to shame with their outrageous fights. Don’t be chi Chicago housewives; blow me away with your antics.


Kyle dropped pizza

Nashville, TN

Sure, there’s RHOD, but Nashville is a whole different kind of Southern crazy. A city synonymous with bachelorette/bachelor parties and country music is bound to have some boot wearing, bull riding, Kenny Chesney singing housewives having a good time.

ready to party brandi

Las Vegas, NV

Speaking of cities known for bachelorette/bachelor parties, how is Vegas not already a thing? Vegas now has a piece of Vanderpump, but we need a whole franchise here. I want to see women gamble the nights away until Page Six reports they’re filing for bankruptcy. I want to see Strip Club Saturdays in place of book clubs. I want glitter and shows and impromptu drunk weddings a la Friends.  I want what happens in Vegas to be shared with the world rather than just staying in Vegas.

kenya yaas

Denver, CO

I imagine everyone in Colorado just gets high and climbs mountains. I’m still waiting for the women of Colorado to prove me wrong (or better yet, prove me right and invite me to join them). I just know there have to be some rich housewives out there gossiping in ski lodges and spilling the tea, er hot chocolate, about their friend’s cheating husband. Plus, Bravo needs a dispensary owning female entrepreneur on a show, and Denver is where you’ll find that.

smoke pot brandi

Which city would you most like to watch? Comment below!

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