Cities That Should Be Part of the Real Housewives Franchise: Part I

So nasty and so rude that these cities aren't in the Real Housewives franchise

May 23, 2019 5:03pm

I’m currently in Miami, and in between getting sun burnt and searching for a good cocktail that’s less than $20, I’m thinking about how much I miss Real Housewives of Miami. RIP. In my not so humble opinion, there can never be too many Real Housewives franchises. So I took the liberty of compiling a list of cities that need to have their own show stat. Please feel free to send this list to any Bravo producers you may come in contact with.


I’m from Pittsburgh, so admittedly I’m biased. But the world needs to see just how absurd people in the city can be. I mean, Pittsburghers invented their own language and use the word “yinz” to mean “y’all.” Y’all know how ridiculous that sounds? And the obsession with sports and bad beer is too real. One episode of a Pittsburgh mom screaming at the sports in a Primanti’s Bar and another throwing a ketchup bottle across the table because it isn’t Heinz, and you’re hooked.

leanne chugging beer


I just feel like it’s culturally important to show people that Seattle is more than just rain and the birthplace of overpriced coffee. I’m sure there are women out there getting in fights all the time with their husbands who won’t indulge in their 50 Shades of Grey fantasies, and it’s our patriotic duty to film these fights to share with the world.


ramobna rain

Bismark, ND

Google Bismark, and the first image that pops up perfectly depicts the capitol city: empty, boring, and flat. Dirt is literally their main resource. But just because it’s a dull fly over city doesn’t necessarily mean the entire population is dull too. Think about it: when there’s basically nothing to do besides harvest wheat and go cow tipping, you’re bound to go a bit crazy at times. When these blowups happens, we deserve to see them televised.

heather bored with convo

Which city would you like to see next in the Real Housewives franchise? Tell me your opinion below!

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