Brant Pinvidic- Author and Former TV Exec

October 16, 2019 5:00pm

Brant Pinvidic is back for a second time, and he has a whole new story to tell. He was one of my early guests back when I started the podcast in 2016. He was once a television executive, but Brant’s career has pivoted in a major way – transitioning out of television into the business world – coaching, speaking and now writing. His new book, THE 3 MINUTE RULE: SAY LESS TO GET MORE FROM ANY PITCH OR PRESENTATION, is available for pre-order now on Amazon and will be released in hardcover on October 29th. This book s great for anyone in the TV industry who develops and sells content for a living, but it’s also great for absolutely anyone in ANY client service business because it teaches you the mechanics of how to give a simple, clean, and effective presentation in 3 minutes. We get into the book and some of Brant’s great stories, and we talk about what made Brant finally leave TV and explore his next projects. Spoiler alert- they have nothing to do with television.


You can find Brant’s book to order here:

You can also find my first interview with Brant from May 2016:


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