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The Challenge: From Theresa With Love

We finally get all the Theresa and Jay we've been asking for, but it may not play out well for them more

Life After Lockup: Truth Bombs

Truth bombs, traumatic past, and hotel stays! This episode was anything but boring. Find out more

MTV's The Challenge: Skyfall

It's the episode Leah always dreads. We have to discuss her favorite player leaving and the demise more

Life After Lockup: Downward Spirals

Welcome back to another Life After Lockup recap! We have a special announcement before we start more

MTV's The Challenge: Duplicity

Let's start 2021 off with an extra long recap of The Challenge! This episode takes a wild turn more

Life After Lockup: Criminal Behavior

Happy New Year! What better way to start off 2021 with a Life After Lockup recap? Lindsey more

Interview with David Yontef from Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast

Enjoy this week’s special guest on Spill it, Sister. David Yontef, host of Behind the Velvet more

The Challenge: Enemy of the State

Happy Holidays Sister Listeners! We are back after a little bit of a break and are excited to more

Life After Lockup: Ex Con-versations

We finally get to meet Puppy and see the chemistry between her and Amber. Hand Sanitizer still more

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents Season 36 Ep. 2

Dive another day! Are we living in a dream or is this the season of the Challenge we have all more

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents Season 36 Ep. 1

We are finally back with season 36 of MTV's The Challenge! Double Agents started off strong with TJ more

Love After Lockup: 99 Problems and an EX is 1

We made it through another season of Love After Lockup and meeting new couples. In this jam-packed more

Love After Lockup Season 3 Finale - The Couples' Status

After 99 problems and Ex being one, we have made it through another season of Love After Lockup. We more

Love After Lockup: Two Body Bags

If the rolls aren't buttered Destinie doesn't want them. With only two episodes left until we more

Love After Lockup: Cuffing Season

It's cuffing season and while no one ended up in handcuffs it may be a better option for some more

Love After Lockup: Bubble Trouble

  It's a new week with plenty of drama to break down from the latest Love After Lockup more

Love After Lockup: Put on a Sweater and Chill

Switching gears back to Love After Lockup and we get to catch back up with our newest cast. more

Love After Lockup: Love Don't Cost A Ring

This week surprised us with a 2-hour long mid-season finale before a 4-week hiatus. For the more

Love After Lockup: Denied & Declined Recap

  Welcome back to Spill it, Sister! with Ally and Leah ready to recap another week of more

Love After Lockup: A Gamble in the Desert

Hey Sister Listeners! Welcome back to another week of Love After Lockup recaps. While this more

Love After Lockup: Roses on the Bed Recap

Shawn & Destinie are still at lunch and he finally has to break the news that he actually more

Love After Lockup: Liar Liar Recap

This week did not disappoint with all the lies we uncovered. Basically who wasn't lying is a more

Love After Lockup: A Date With Destinie Recap

  Welcome back to the emotional roller coaster that is Love After Lockup join us on more

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Reunion Season 35 Ep. 17

    It's a sad day everyone, because Season 35 of The Challenge: Total Madness more