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KUWTK | S20E14 - "The Final Curtain - Pt.2"

Just like Boyz II Men foretold, we've reached the "End of the Road." Somehow we're here and wow, wha...read more

KUWTK | S20E13 - "The Final Curtain - Pt.1"

What a delight our dear Andy Cohen is for bringing his unmatched reunion skills to our beloved KarJe...read more

KUWTK | S20E12

WOW, IT'S HERE. The end of the road, folks! Not for this podcast, just yet, but for our dear Keeping...read more

KUWTK | S20E11

It's really the end of the road! .... Almost! We've got a little time left with our dear KUWTK as we...read more

KUWTK | S20E10

Summer is kicking off right as we head towards the final eps of KUWTK! This week's news has shakeups...read more


We're nearing the end of our last season but having a damn blast on the way. This week, we've got Ko...read more


It's time to learn who runs the beloved IG account @NorisBlackBook in this week's ep of KUWTK, along...read more


This is a tough one, guys! In this week's ep of KUWTK, we watch the fam decide to end the E! show an...read more

News Week

There's no new ep of KUWTK this week so we take the time to sift more thoroughly through the week's ...read more


Well, guess what? We found out there's actually a bunch more KUWTK eps left in this last season! Wah...read more


Just when we thought things couldn't get any steamier with Kourt + Travis, it rocketed into nearly X...read more


Before we get to this week's KUWTK, there are some major headlines to dive into. First, we tackle ho...read more

KUWTK | S20 E3

This week’s KUWTK is all hijinks and we couldn’t love it more! We have the sisters pulling a ‘...read more

KUWTK | S20 E2

Season 20 of KUWTK is digging right into the juicy goods, it looks like. In this week's ep, we get ...read more


WOW. What a time we had! Have a listen to our very first live episode recorded over Zoom with you, ...read more

Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E7

It's our last week of vintage episode recaps before the big SEASON TWENTY premiere of KUWTK on Thurs...read more

Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E6

Before we dive into the new season of KUWTK, we've still got some more vintage recaps from Kourtney ...read more

Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E5

The KarJenners get into all kinds of photoshop-fail terrain this week between Khloe's terrifying Goo...read more

Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E4

As heartbreaking and unsurprising as it may be at this point, the KimYe divorce is official. We sift...read more

Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E3

This week's vintage recap is a fun, racy one where Single Kim is hooking back up with her former bod...read more

Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E2

Oh, we're having fun, folks! This week's vintage recap of Kourtney & Kim Take New York is a remi...read more

Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E1

Can you believe it? We're diving into yet another dreamy spin-off! This time, it's the premiere epis...read more


A little late but worth the wait, we say! Thanks for bearing with us and our delay this week. We're ...read more


Can you believe it's still only January? It's been a truly wild couple of weeks and, while there's s...read more