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Episode 183.5: *BONUS* Drag Race UK Ep 2 Teaser

Just a small crumpet to have with your tea, Mary! We give you the first act of our Drag Race UK more

Episode 183: Dragula S3 E7 - Le Freak

Look at all the freaks! This week our monsters compete to be the main attraction at the Freak Show more

Episode 182: Special Guest Jan Sport and Dragula Season 3 Episode 6 - The Operating Theatre

Jan Sport joins us this week to Mary out on the monsters, celebrate being a reference queen and more

Episode 181: *BONUS* Preview: Drag Race UK Season 1 E1: God Save The Queens

Please enjoy this first act preview of our coverage of Drag Race UK Premiere Season that is more

Episode 180: Dragula Season 3 - Episode 5: No Throw Aways, Not Recycled

Reduce, reuse, revolt! The monsters are turning trash into fashion this week and making magic more

Episode 179: Dragula Season 3 - Episode 4: The Demons Blood

The monsters are playing Dungeons & Drag Queens in this week's acting challenge! (Cue the more

Episode 178.9: BONUS! DRAG: The Complete Story - Interview with Simon Doonan

We were just gooped to chat with the iconic Simon Doonan about his new book "DRAG: The Complete more

Episode 178: Dragula Season 3 - Episode 3: Drag Monsters of Rock

Rock out with your emotional honesty out! The nine remaining Uglies break off into bands for more

Episode 177: Dragula Season 3 - Episode 2: Don't Suck

While the claws aren't out yet this season yet, the fangs are this week as the ten remaining more

Episode 176: Dragula Season 3 - Episode 1: The Lesser of Two Evils

We are back in the boudoir with 11 new uglies for Season 3 of Dragula! We’re here for Louisiana’ more

Episode 175: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 12 - Finale

If you're looking for a wonderful way to end a televised drag competition, look no further. This more

Episode 174.5: *BONUS* Dragula Season 3 Meet The Monsters Hot Take

Alright, Scary! Summer is ending and we begin our weekly Dragula Season 3 discussions with a hot more

Episode 174: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 11 - White Elephants + Reunion

It's been a stampede of queens this season, but only five remain to deliver white elephant more

Episode 173: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 10 - Twin Heroes

This week, we get to know the queens through their loved ones eyes! We celebrate the relationship more

Episode 172: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 9 - Thai Musical

There are few moments in reality TV that can compare to the moments at the end of this Drag Race more

Episode 171 Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 8 - Snatch Game of Love

The top five are serving us the courage to be someone else in the main challenge: Snatch Game of more

Episode 170.5: *BONUS* An Interview With Genie

*Spoiler Warning: this interview may contain spoilers for Drag Race Thailand Season 2* Make a more

Episode 170: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 7 - Food Lovers

It's dinner and a show this week with the Top 6 whipping up delicious designs inspired by classic more

Episode 169: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 6 - Power of Speech

Ironically, on the "power of speech" episode, we had a slight technical difficulty and Colin's mic more

Episode 168: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 5 - Hollywood Inspirations

This week, we discuss the acting challenge on Drag Race Thailand Season 2 where the queens split up more

Episode 167: Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Episode 4 - Mother-Daughter

Drag Race Thailand has a makeover challenge and we're here for it, Mary. We get straight men asking more

Episode 166: Drag Race Thailand S2 E3 -Sang Thong - Ugly To Pretty

This week we get a recycled mini challenge, a Rigor Morris suspicious Maxi Challenge outcome (rare more

Episode 165: Drag Race Thailand S2 E2 - Under The Rainbow

We’re continuing on with our summer excursions at Drag Race Thailand summer camp. This episode more

Episode 164: Drag Race Thailand S2 E1 - Reborn This Way

Hey Mary! Happy summer and happy pride. This week, we're beginning our release of the Drag Race more