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Episode 315: Season 14 Episode 1 - Big Opening No. 1

Season 14 kicks off with a split premiere featuring seven new queens, Best Supporting Lizzo, a more

Episode 314: Season 14 - Meet the Queens

We're kicking off what's shaping up to be the draggiest year on television with Season 14 of RuPaul' more

Episode 313: The Mary Christmas Triple Feature

We couldn't choose just one holiday movie to queen out on this year, so we chose three--an old more

Episode 312: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 9+10: The Last Supper & Grand Finale

The time has come for the floor show we've all been waiting for. But it's dinner before dessert as more

Episode 311: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 8: Killer Clowns

*Apologies for some occasional audio fuzz on the first half of the episode. Just trying to bring more

Episode 310: BONUS! The Bitch Who Stole Christmas

Merry merry, Mary's! RuPaul and Company are queening out for Christmas on VH1 in a campy, kooky and more

Episode 309: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 7: Exorsisters

The power of $100,000 and the title of Dragula compels the Top 5 to bring their acting chops to the more

Episode 308.5: Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera (Preview)

It was supposed to be a reality show with a twist. In a sun-drenched villa in Ibiza, six hot guys more

Episode 308: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 6: Hairy Monsters

Things get pretty hairy on stage this week, but a lot less scary in the boudoir as the Top 6 more

Episode 307: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 5: Ghostship Glamour

Things are getting goulishly glamorous for this week's haunted high seas floor show, but the more

Episode 306: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 4: Monsters of Rock

The perennial Monsters of Rock challenge usually leads to more than a few broken guitar strings by more

Episode 305: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 3: Weird Wild West

Our audio went a bit south for this week's trip to out west, so apologies all around, but it's a more

Episode 304: Alright Scary - "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (1997)

To finish out this year's Alright Scary, we're revisiting Scream's less impressive little sister "I more

Episode 303: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 2: Nosferatu Beach Party

There's blood in the water for this week's 60's themed vampire beach party, pairing the monsters up more

Episode 302: Alright Scary - "Silence of the Lambs"

Pass the chianti, because this week we're raising a toast to Queen Anthony and Jodie the Great in more

Episode 301: Dragula Season 4 - Episode 1: Horror Icons Reimagined

Season 4 of The Boulet Brothers' spooky, filthy drag competition kicks things off with a warehouse more

Episode 300.5: Mary Monthly - Canada's Drag Race Season 2, Safe Zone Drama, Rip Syncs!

Hey Mary! We catching up this week on what's to come on our Patreon feed, as well as everything we' more

Episode 300: Alright Scary - "Jennifer's Body" (2009)

"Jennifer's Body" is so much more than a 2009 version of "Species," but it does feature one hell of more

Episode 299.5: BONUS! Drag Race UK Season 3 Ep 3 - Great Outdoors (Patreon Sneak Peek)

If you want to get this rest of this week's discussion of Season 3 of Drag Race UK, become a Sister more

Episode 299: Alright Scary - "Aliens"

James Cameron's bombastic follow up to "Alien," equal parts action and horror movie, may make us more

Episode 298.5: BONUS! Drag Race UK Season 3 Ep 2 - Dragoton (Patreon Sneak Peek)

If you want to get this rest of this week's discussion of Season 3 of Drag Race UK, become a Sister more

Episode 298: Alright Scary - "Misery"

Kathy Bates earned a much deserved Oscar for playing delusional and occasionally demented devotee more

Episode 297: *Patreon Preview* Drag Race UK Season 3 Ep 1 - The Return of Royalty

Why aye pet, it's already another season of UK huns! In this week's special Patreon preview episode more

Episode 296: Dragula Season 4 - Meet the Monsters

Spooky season kicks off early this year with the announcement of a new season of Dragula! While the more