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Episode 129: BONUS! An Afternoon with Biqtch Puddin

Our favorite part of Dragula is how much heart the show has (under all the grime and guts), and no more

Episode 128: Dancing Queen

Underneath the wigs and lashes and everything else that makes Alyssa Edwards pop (tongue pop, to be more

Episode 127: NUANCE - DragCon NYC Reflection + Carrie (1976)

Before we head home to Season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race from our summer vacations into Drag Race more

Episode 126: Dragula Season 2- Episodes 9 & 10: The Last Supper + Finale

Before America's next drag supermonster can be crowned (and covered in blood), the exterminated more

Episode 125: Dragula Season 2 - Episodes 7 & 8: Wasteland Weekend

The final four pack their bags for a weekend away at Wasteland--think Burning Man, except you might more

Episode 124: DragCon NYC Plans!

Hey Mary's! With DragCon NYC fast approaching this weekend, a quick check-in to let you know when more

Episode 123: Dragula Season 2 - Episodes 5 & 6: Scream Queens + Gothic Brides

Season 2's six remaining supermonsters trek out to the woods to give scream queen realness in more

Episode 122: Dragula Season 2 - Episode 3 & 4: Shock Rock & Metal + SciFi Babies

HEY FRED! Johnny and Colin discuss the next two episodes of Dragula season 2 and find a new episode more

Episode 121: Dragula Season 2 - Episodes 1 & 2: Cenobites + Ghost Town Ghouls

Alright Scary! This week we're diving into the ooky-spooky world of Dragula with a double header of more

Episode 120: NUANCE - Summer Tidbits

This week, as we come down from the high of Drag Race Thailand and before we gear up for Season 2 more

Episode 119: Drag Race Thailand Episode 8 - Final Runway

Our Top 3 Southeast Asian sensations are back for one more round of challenges before the more

Episode 118: Drag Race Thailand Episode 7 - The Royal Fire

Our Thai top four may be at the last 100 meters, but it's going to be an exhausting sprint to Top 3! more

Episode 117: Drag Race Thailand Episode 6 - Commercial, Commercial

Drag queens need to know how to market themselves--and what better way to practice than marketing more

Episode 116: Drag Race Thailand Episode 5 - Snatch Game

The library is open and so are our hearts as we watch Drag Race Thailand's first ever Snatch Game! more

Episode 115: Drag Race Thailand Episode 4 - Pink Carpet and Thai Movie Runway

Mary, if you are gonna start Drag Race Thailand anywhere but the beginning, start here. We go in more

Episode 114: Drag Race Thailand Episode 3 - Curtain to Couture

Even without the Gone With the Wind reference, the curtain challenge is a classic example of more

Episode 113: BONUS! - Nanette

As soon as we both saw Hannah Gadsby's "Nanette," we knew we needed an entire episode to discuss... more

Episode 112: Drag Race Thailand - Episode 2 - The Power Of Love

Everybody say love! This week, we head back to the southeast Asian workroom as the remaining nine more

Episode 111.5: NUANCE - Finale Fashion Photo Review (with Grizzly Kiki!)

Before we officially close out the season, enjoy some nuanced BONUS content, Mary! Here is the more

Episode 111: Drag Race Season 10 - End of Season Awards!

Before we say goodbye to a season that has truly been a production, often an ooh-ahh sensation, and more

Episode 110: Drag Race Season 10 - Grand Finale (with Grizzly Kiki!)

Let's have a kiki, Mary! We've invited the queens from the Grizzly Kiki podcast over to recap the more

Episode 109: Drag Race Season 10 - Queens Reunited

It’s family reunion time at RuPaul’s Drag Race, and let’s just say, sh*t got real. It truly more

Episode 108: Drag Race Season 10 Episode 12 - American

Oh beautiful for spacious skies, Mary! The final challenge is upon us fooling nobody with any more

Episode 107.5: NUANCE - "Pose" Premiere + "The Boys in the Band" on Broadway

Episode 107.5: NUANCE - "Pose" Premiere + "The Boys in the Band" on Broadway by Colin & more