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Episode 201: Drag Race S7 - The Rest is Drag

And the rest drags on as the Top 4 performers act, dance, lunch, and bicker their way through the more

Episode 200: Drag Race S7 - Hello Kitty Girl

Hello Kitty, Goodbye Katya. This week we’re revisiting one of the oddest balls in Drag Race more

Episode 199: Drag Race S7 - Prancing Queens

The top six pair off in a trio of dancing duos, mashing up two genres and two genders for one just more

Episode 198: The Family Stone (2005)

Happy New Year Mary! This week, we're taking a holiday break for travel and posting a Free Skate more

Episode 197: Drag Race S7 - Divine Inspiration

We’ve finally arrived at the John Waters musical spoof episode of season 7 and we couldn’t be more

Episode 196: Drag Race S7 - Conjoined Queens

Just like the first seven eliminated queens ("Tempest?"), we are back... covering Drag Race Season more

Episode 195: Top 10 Fingers of Drag Race

All fingers point to ten in this week's special off-season episode where we countdown the top 10 more

Episode 194: Drag Race UK - The Finale

Spoilers ahead, Mary! Turn back before it's too late!  It’s finale time, and you know what that more

Episode 193: Drag Race UK Episode 7 - The Top Four

Mum’s the word this week as the Top 4 turn their moms and sisters into drag family members. more

Episode 192: Drag Race UK Episode 6 - Thirsty Werk

Things get a bit slippery for this week’s commercial challenge. The final five are selling more

Episode 191: Drag Race UK Episode 5 - Girl Groups

There’s a bit of uncertainty on Confidence Corner as The Vivienne goes from front runner to more

Episode 190: Drag Race UK Episode 4 - Snatch Game

The cornerstone of a Drag Race competition is finally here (and wow, did it make a splash in the more

Episode 189: Dragula S3 - Finale

Spoilers ahead, Mary! The Dragula Season 3 supermonster was crowned and we have celebratory more

Episode 188: Drag Race UK Episode 3 - Posh on a Penny

It’s a Toot or Boot Sale in the workroom this week as the Top 8 try to style trash with more

Episode 187: Dragula S3 - Post Mortem AKA The Last Supper

The Hell Mouth is coming to a close, but before it does, we have one last supper (or drink in this more

Episode 186: Drag Race UK Episode 2 - Downton Draggy

And the BAFTA goes to...well, maybe no one in this week's Downton Abbey inspired acting challenge, more

Episode 185: Dragula S3 E8 with Drag King God Complex

We may be saying “Boo!” to this week’s elimination, but we are two pleased pumpkins to have more

Episode 184: Drag Race UK Ep 1 - Season Premiere

The premiere of Drag Race UK is serving British royalty realness this week! Our ten new heirs to more

Episode 183.5: *BONUS* Drag Race UK Ep 2 Teaser

Just a small crumpet to have with your tea, Mary! We give you the first act of our Drag Race UK more

Episode 183: Dragula S3 E7 - Le Freak

Look at all the freaks! This week our monsters compete to be the main attraction at the Freak Show more

Episode 182: Special Guest Jan Sport and Dragula Season 3 Episode 6 - The Operating Theatre

Jan Sport joins us this week to Mary out on the monsters, celebrate being a reference queen and more

Episode 181: *BONUS* Preview: Drag Race UK Season 1 E1: God Save The Queens

Please enjoy this first act preview of our coverage of Drag Race UK Premiere Season that is more

Episode 180: Dragula Season 3 - Episode 5: No Throw Aways, Not Recycled

Reduce, reuse, revolt! The monsters are turning trash into fashion this week and making magic more

Episode 179: Dragula Season 3 - Episode 4: The Demons Blood

The monsters are playing Dungeons & Drag Queens in this week's acting challenge! (Cue the more