BRAVO's Daddy Is Going To Be A Daddy

Celebrities and Bravolebrities give Mazels for Andy's big news!

December 21, 2018 2:32pm

Mazel to the future father and Daddy to all things BRAVO, Andy Cohen. In case you missed the big announcement…

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Was I the only one who was having a panic attack before Andy broke the news? He started by saying how he tries to be transparent and honest with the audience, so naturally, I felt my world crumble around me as I thought that my happy place (BRAVO) may be in jeopardy. Thankfully, all things Bravo will continue, the only change will be at Casa Cohen when Wacha becomes a big brother to a little human.

Of course, masses of fans came out to congratulate Bravo’s King and wish his growing family well.

Bravolebrities were excited to hear of a new addition to the family that puts the fun in dysfunctional…

As much as I loved reading all of the Bravolebrity messages to Andy, nothing will compare to the level of joy in the Clubhouse when Andy announced his future, once they learned they weren’t losing their meal ticket. Enjoy this alternative camera view from the Clubhouse! I’ve watched this reaction video SO MANY TIMES now, and like Ariana Grande, have no more tears left to cry.

Of course, Andy’s slew of celebrity friends sent their warm regards.

We aren’t keen on the details yet; all we know is that Andy has a surrogate carrying his baby. I have so many questions. Is the surrogate the mother as well? If the surrogate is only carrying the baby, who is the baby’s mother? Drop names of the famous friends you fantasize as a mother to the Bravo baby in the comment section below.


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