A Definitive List of Every RHONY Tagline EVER!

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June 28, 2019 12:05pm

The Real Housewives of New York have graced our TV sets for 11 seasons and from the looks of it, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Over the years Housewives have come and gone – some for the better and some who are sorely missed but either way they’ve left a lasting impression on RHONY fans.

With that said we thought it would be super fun to make a definitive list of every RHONY tagline ever! So, we’ve compiled all the taglines, from every current and former Housewife, from seasons 1 thru 11.

Some of these taglines are quite a blast from the past while others are SO iconic you could NEVER forget them!

With that said let’s get down to it and dive into every RHONY tagline EVER!

Bethenny Frankel


Season 1, 2, & 3: “New York City is my playground.”

Season 7: “I’m not a Housewife, but I am real.”

Season 8: “If you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle me.”

Season 9: “If you’re going to take a shot at this B, you better not miss.”

Season 10: “It’s great to be successful. But it’s even better to B Strong.”

Season 11: “When life gives me limes, I make margaritas.”

Heather Thomson


Season 5: “My success is built on making women look and feel their best. Holla!”

Season 6: “A true New Yorker never backs down, and I’m no exception. Holla!”

Season 7: “I’m stronger than anything in my way. Holla!”

Sonja Morgan


Season 3 & 4: “I have a taste for luxury, and luxury has a taste for me.”

Season 5: “A little Sonja will spice up any party.”

Season 6: “Sometimes Sonja has to go commando. What can I say?”

Season 7: “My yacht may have sailed, but my ship is comin’ in.”

Season 8: “If being Sonja is so wrong, why does it feel so right?”

Season 9: “There’s nothing grey about my gardens.”

Season 10: “I’m not just a last name. I’m a legacy.”

Season 11: “People call me over the top, but lately I prefer being a bottom.”

Season 7: “I know I’m a piece of work, but now, I’m a work in progress.”

Season 8: “Like a fine wine, I just get better with time.”

Season 9: “I’m an acquired taste. You don’t like me? Acquire some taste!”

Season 10: “Age is an issue of mind over matter: If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!”

Season 11: “The only thing I’ll settle for is more.”

Tinsley Mortimer


Season 9: “A good set of lashes can fix anything…even a mugshot.”

Season 10: “Come on, why cook when I can order room service?!”

Season 11: “Game, set, now, I need a match.”


Season 5: “I may be a princess, but I’m definitely not a drama queen.”

Season 6: “If you’re going to talk about me behind my back, at least check out my great ass.”

Season 7: “All play and no work makes me a happy girl.”

Season 8: “I plan for the future, but live in the moment.”

Season 9: “In the politics of friendship, I win the popular vote.”

Season 10: “In the marathon of life, loyalty is everything.”


Season 2 & 3: “I’ve created a great life, and I love living it.”

Season 4: “I’m living the American Dream, one mistake at a time.”

Jill Zarin


Season 1, 2, & 3: “I run with a fabulous circle of people.”

Season 4: “Good or bad, I know who I am and I own it.”

Alex McCord


Seasons 1, 2, & 3: “To a certain group of people in New York, status is everything.”

Season 4: “I’ve always had opinions, but now people know it.”

Cindy Barshop


Season 4: “I have everything I’ve ever wanted, and it’s all on my own terms.”

Jules Wainstein


Season 8: “A Jew and an Asian walk into the bar…then they had me!”

Tell us – Which RHONY taglines are your favorite?


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